Flipping The Script: The Positive Side of a Health Scare

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A health scare is a wakeup call that no one really ever wants to get. It is something that can stop your life in its tracks, as you wait with bated breath for the outcome of test results and the prognosis. Although a health scare can turn your life upside down for the time it takes to get your results, there are valuable lessons to be learned that can help you limit the chances of there being a next time. Here are some thoughts on what you can learn from a frightening health scare.Continue reading

Dental Fear

dentist fear

An aching tooth is bad especially when they happen at night. The pain can be as a result of cavities or from broken enamel. This exposes the nerves leading to a toothache whenever the nerves get touched by food or any other thing. Such problems increase the fear to a person who is scheduled to visit a dentist. Individuals who have had bad experiences in past visit to the dentist will have the same feeling again and again. The fear can prevent a mature person or kid from getting the medical services that are required. Nowadays, the receptionist have known a way of easing the fear that patients have whenever they come to see a dentist. The waiting rooms are made beautiful and free from any noise. The equipment’s that are used by dentists are not noisy at all thus making it possible for a person to calm down. The new technology has also improved the technology notably in the giving of the painless injection. The needle is used to deliver the anesthetic to a place where an injection will be given thus making the whole process friendly. Use of numbing gel also makes people get the gum injection without having experienced any pain.Continue reading

What is Cryotherapy?


What is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a commonly used treatment as a part of the physical therapy. It represents a treatment which uses low temperature which is applied to a certain part of the body for therapeutic causes. The therapy uses local application of ice at a temperature of 0 to 4ºC according to the condition that requires the cryotherapy to be performed.Continue reading

How Pets Impact the Health of Seniors

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Today, many senior living facilities permit cats, dogs, fish, and other pets. For many seniors that live alone, having a pet can provide a plethora of health benefits. Pets can create a sense of companionship, minimize feelings of loneliness, and motivate seniors to stay active. Learn more about how pets can impact the health of seniors.


senior living communities chicagoCompanionship in senior living communities chicago is undoubtedly one of the best reasons for seniors to get a pet. For many seniors transitioning to senior housing, living alone can get lonely. Without outside support, this loneliness can soon turn into depression. Pets, especially cats and dogs, tend to have lovable personalities that make them the perfect animal companion.


With a pooch living in your home, you’re bound to get more exercise. From daily walks to games of fetch, dogs are a great way for the elderly to get more exercise into their day. Seniors should opt for smaller dogs that will be easier to walk and care for, or dogs that have been trained to assist the elderly.


While retirement should be stress-free, many seniors suffer from stress for a wide range of reasons. Pets can help reduce a stress hormone in the body called cortisol. It can also boost a “feel good” hormone known as serotonin. Pets can also be useful for people with Alzheimer’s and other dementias during bouts of stress or agitation.


Dogs are not only good at bringing joy to their owners, but can also protect them. Seniors are a vulnerable target for various crimes, such as burglary. A barking dog can help deter potential home invasions, giving you some peace of mind.

Social Interaction

Pets can help increase social interaction for seniors who typically wouldn’t venture out on their own. Bring your pooch to the park, on a walk, or to the vet. This exposes the elderly to other people, which can spark conversations and even friendships.

Of course, choosing the right pet is extremely important to reap the bulk of these benefits. You’ll want to consider the responsibilities that come along with pet ownership, such as feeding, walking, and bathroom breaks. Pets may also make noises and messes on occasion. If you feel capable of caring for a pet, visit an animal shelter or pet shop and meet the potential candidates. If you’re not ready for a cat or dog, consider a pet that requires a little less care, such as a bird, hamster or fish.

Chiropractic: A Good Way To Relieve Shoulder Pain

Chiropractic: A Good Way To Relieve Shoulder Pain


Aside neck and back pain, shoulder pain is another very common issue that patients complain about in chiropractic practice. Shoulder pain at least affects almost every one of us at some point in our lives, as we are growing up.

Shoulder pain is caused by a lot of conditions. Most pains in the shoulder are caused by irritation of nerves in the upper thoracic spine and lower neck and for this reason, a chiropractic care reduces and corrects shoulder pain successfully. The irritation is one of the highly difficult conditions resulting to shoulder pain. It can be successfully treated with chiropractic, however, the shrunken shoulder capsule, depending on how painful the shoulder pain is, may take very occasionally a whole year and several months to resolve, even with chiropractic.Continue reading

Gel Manicures – What’s to Love About this Trend?

professional nail salon supplies | gel manicure

Manicures and pedicures are two of the most popular beauty salon treatments today. While nail trends come and go, gel manicures seem to be sticking around. Unlike acrylic nails that are primarily used to lengthen nails by applying a strong top layer over the natural nail, gel extensions are applied directly to the natural nail and cured under a LED or UV lamp. Learn more about gel manicures and why they’re favored by many and regarded as must-have professional nail salon supplies.Continue reading

OptraGate and Isolite – The Dynamic Duo No Dental Office Should Be Without

Although created by two different manufacturers, these two newer-to-the-market dental supplies work perfectly in conjunction with each other and are quickly becoming staples.  It’s unlikely that you haven’t heard of at least one of these efficiency enhancers, but in this article let’s take a look at what they are, what they can do for your practice, and why they make such a great team.

Isolite Systems has a couple different isolation systems, the Isolite being their cornerstone product.  With nothing else like it on the dental supplies market yet, this has been a welcome addition to anyone who’s jumped to buy it.  Retailing for $1695.00, this device combines high quality illumination using one of a kind LED technology with high speed dual suction, and retraction.   The titanium base is sturdy and lightweight and there are five light intensity settings including a “Cure-Safe” mode.  When you’re down an assistant, or if you’re just looking to get extra visibility and moisture control, this device is bound to increase your efficiency and clinical results while adding to patient comfort and safety.  In a study done including 25 consultants in over 350 clinical applications in the areas of restorative dentistry, hygiene, emergency care, and oral surgery, Isolite received a 97% rating.

Isolate also has a great partner in crime.  OptraGate, by Ivoclar Vivadent, is a single use, non-latex, lip retractor.  What makes it so much better than the previous retractors to hit the marketplace, is its design.  The soft, circular device has an inner plastic circle that is positioned in the area of the buccal vestibule.  The outer plastic piece stays outside the mouth with a 35mm elastic piece in between that moves and bends with the patient’s mouth.  This design encourages the patient’s mouth to stay open while still allowing for closing when checking occlusion.  The latex-free design means it’s safe for all patients and it comes in three different sizes, including junior for pediatric applications.  By keeping the lips and tissue perfectly away from teeth, there are many applications for every type of procedure, be it diagnostics, restorative treatment, general care, imaging, impressions, or even placing Invisalign attachments.  Many competing retractors cause discomfort, or depending on their design, occasionally block access to some teeth.  This handy tool, which retails for less than $2 and comes in variety size packs of 80, is easy and painless to place and most patients experience no discomfort whatsoever.  Possibly its greatest attribute is that it works almost seamlessly with Isolite for the perfect isolation and illumination system.  Practitioners have said it’s like having an additional assistant without blocking the view.

Whether you’re performing a surgical procedure, completing a cleaning, or just trying to get a great image, it might be a good idea to check out these great products, if you haven’t already!


Being a senior citizen is not easy, simply because old age brings a lot of problems, health issues, frustrations, and stress. Old age requires adaptation, and people must accept the fact that they are no longer able to perform the same tasks that they were once able to perform, or that the quality or speed of their reactions is significantly lower. Years have a detrimental effect on our body and mental state, and for some people, this means that they are not capable of taking care of themselves any longer and that they need to seek professional assistance.

Retirement homes, or nursing homes as some call them, are the places where people come when they are incapable of performing basic everyday tasks, and when they are left isolated in a home with on family or friends to help them with certain activities.

There are many types of retirement homes, but the most common ones are assisted living communities, independent living communities and classic nursing homes.

All of these facilities are similar and have a lot of things in common, and their main difference is the amount of medical care that is dedicated to patients. Nursing homes provide the most care, assisted living communities slightly less while independent living comes with little or no medical assistance.

No matter the type of senior living community, if you find yourself in a situation where your body and mind “betrays” you, and where basic activities such as bathing, dressing, taking medication, eating, etc. are hard or even impossible to complete on your own – you should start thinking about moving to one of those facilities.

However, there are several factors to consider, and careful planning and preparation can make this difficult period much easier and smoother.Living in a senior living community means that you are losing your independence, and this can be confusing and frustrating for most people.

That is why you need to think about your physical and medical needs, at present and in the future and try to predict the problems ahead. Also, if you are not capable of handling the basic maintenance of your house, your should consider going to a retirement home. Choosing the right facility may seem confusing as well, but with the help of doctors or your family – even this problem can be easily solved.

You should pick a facility that provides enough medical care for your daily needs since this is imperative if you want to spend your final years in a comfortable and pleasant surroundings. Also, you should try to find as much information as possible about the community that may interest you, and the most important thing is the quality of the staff. If they are warm and friendly, and genuinely interested in their patient’s well-being, then you should also be in good hands and your needs will be met in a caring but professional manner. All of these elements can help you make a better choose and come to an informed decision.